O2 DROPS® can make you feel more energized, focused, and healthier than you ever have. It contains a bio-available form of oxygen and essential minerals that the body needs for optimal health and functioning. The exclusive formula has been validated by over 20 independent research studies worldwide. Scientists, doctors, and people just like you report that it works.

  • Boost Energy Naturally and Increase Focus
  • Strengthen Immunity and Recover Faster
  • Promote Weight Loss, Improve Sleep, and More

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Read testimonials from everyday people as well as from world-class scientists, doctors, professional athletes, and trainers. It works for them and it can work for you!


O2 Drops are 100% natural, easy to use, and proven safe in any amount and for people of all ages. See it how compares to other so-called oxygen supplements.

Product FAQs

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Experience the Power of Oxygen for Optimal Health

Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in your body's physical and mental performance. An increasing number of researchers now confirm that the best way to improve health and fitness is related to the optimum oxygenation of every cell. Sufficient oxygen is needed for the body to rebuild itself as well as for our abilities to think and act. It is also vital for proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, assimilation of nutrients, elimination of cellular and metabolic waste, and a strong immune system. Consequently, low levels of oxygen disrupt the body's ability to function properly. Unfortunately, even though we are surrounded by oxygen, our modern lives are teeming with unavoidable factors that impede it from reaching our cells, where it is needed most.

Introducing O2 Drops® …packed with an exclusive bio-available form of dissolved oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most. Our revolutionary nutritional supplement is scientifically formulated to provide activated oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals to your cells, fortifying your body and creating a level of health and vitality you've never experienced before. The proprietary formula has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies all over the world. No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.


What can O2 Drops do for you?

Research testing and clinical use have found that it may…

  • Dramatically boost energy levels
  • Help strengthen immune system
  • Heighten concentration and alertness
  • Exert calming effect on nervous system
  • Help relieve headaches
  • Reduce symptoms of hangovers
  • Assist liver in cleansing itself of toxins
  • Help with inflammatory conditions; assist body in carrying away cellular debris and free radical toxins
  • Improve blood circulation without drug side effects
  • Promote faster recovery from injury, stress, or strenuous exercise
  • Promote weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning
  • Use for skin and acne care; repair damage and improve skin appearance and texture
  • Promote healing and provide relief for rashes, bug bites, sunburns, or first-degree burns
  • Use for dental and oral care; reduce gum disease
  • Relieve sore throats and nasal irritation; use as mouth gargle or nasal spray
  • Safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants, and children
  • Bio/eco-friendly and antimicrobial (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral)
  • Use as a safe and natural hand sanitizer, vegetable/fruit wash, or antibacterial surface spray
  • Preserve water storage and control harmful anaerobes
  • Safe for pets and animals; used by vets and trainers

"Oxygen is the key to life, health, and longevity." – Dr. Stephen R. Krauss